Vix : Pipetting Robot

The VIX is a versatile system that automatically uncaps, pipetts and recaps 2, 5 and .2 ml vials. The system can be adapted to handle various size vials. the capping and uncapping occurs under servo torque sensing and hence results in very repeatable torques.

The purpose of the machine is to relive the chemists and technicans from the repetative motions associated with capping, uncapping and operating manual pipetters.

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Dispensing and aspirating volumes range from 1 uL to 1000 uL. Pipetting is done via an ADP (Air Displacement Pipetter) and is very accurate and repeatable. With accuracy and repeatability of about 1% this system allows for automation of many steps in the reconstitution and pooling processes.

Any portion of the machine can be modified to make it work for your pplication. If your process involves aspirating and dispensing of various suspensions this is a solution that could save you time and protect you from repeatitive motion injuries.

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The machine is in complete control of Focus, our robotic and automation software. Various scripting commands have been added to make control of the system a breeze. The whole automation process is under the control of one or more scripts. The scripts can be modified to deliver various liquids at programmed volumes and speeds.