Custom Automated Systems

ABConBio offers custom laboratory automation solutions that will meet and exceed your expectations.

With expertise spanning from liquid handling to compound management and robotics, we can offer a solution that does not limit you. We will give you a fixed price quote. We will discuss all details with you such that nothing is left to chance. With standard solutions that can be integrated or modified for your specific needs, you are always in the driver seat. We will not impose any solutions on you. We will offer the alternatives and you will make the decision.

We will give you a choice for what software we use for your integrated solution. We can use Focus, our automation software. Or you may choose to implement your automation in LabVIEW/TestStand. We are experts in those as well.




Every laboratory automation project is unique and has its own requirements. A given solution would work only if allows users to perform tasks in a certain way. On the other hand many providers of laboratory automation solutions do not like to custom-make anything. They will ask you to adapt to their ways. Not us.

We will start with a 3-D conceptual model. we will make sure that the model is exactly what you are looking for. we will then prepare a document that specifies exactly what the automation process must be. Nothing is left to chance: how the software needs to work, how the machine is supposed to perform, what interventions are required if any, what user inputs are required, how the report needs to look like and what information needs to be contained in it. etc.