We offer cost-effective solutions for your everyday needs at the lab. This spans from liquid handling to the vial and microplate handling. We understand that any laboratory automation project is unique and that you will have your own requirements.

Our experienced staff will design and deliver the solution that is right for your application. You can choose either from our standard products or have us design custom products or integrate multiple products into one seamless solution.

What makes it possible for us to do this task cost-effectively and on time is the fact that the core of our software, Focus, is extremely flexible, adaptable, and scalable. It allows us to combine any motion control, vision, digital and analog I/O component in one package, and add a usable and flexible user interface to it.

At ABConBio, we have put together the right combination of hardware and software expertise. We do not leave one aspect of the job to a third party: We develop custom hardware and write custom software for it.

Our portfolio of Laboratory Automation systems is as follows:

Please contact us for your specific vials and to request a quote.

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