ix : Microplate Stacker

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X! is a stacker for microplates. iX! Holds 80 microplates, and can be used to deliver plates to automated robotic liquid handling equipment, or it can be setup to run as a master in a workstation and interface with readers, washers, and scanners.

The problem we have addressed with this product is that a lot of assays are time critical. At the moment many applications run on liquid handling equipment have to resort to programming tricks to achieve equal incubation times. The iX! resolves this issue by providing a platform where you can store and retrieve plates and racks of tips at random locations and times. With just 15 seconds average access time, you can access any plate in the system at will.

The other important optional addition is a barcode scanner. This makes it possible to store plates in the system and automatically have it inventory the plates.

Accessing the items in the system is either by stacker number and row number or by a unique tag. The setup screen allows the user to tell the machine how stackers are configured.

Integration with any liquid handling machine is easy by virtue of the software interface. This machine is also powered by Focus, our scheduling and cell-automation software. Focus exposes methods and properties that can easily be called by other equipment to make it perform complex functions.

Size matters, and iX! Is small, and efficient. With 80 plate-capacity, and a footprint of only 13 inches deep, 24 inches wide and 30 inches high iX! Makes the most use of your valuable lab space.

iX! Has been competitively priced compared to other similar devices. However, we believe that iX! Has been designed more robust and offers random access which makes it be useful for more applications than the rest of the crowd.

An environmental chamber option effectively makes this an incubator.

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